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The insurance program developed jointly by Dominion, AADMM, and underwriters at Lloyd’s of London offers coverage features important to practicing DMMs. AADMM was able to negotiate a number of key coverage enhancements that add real value for our membership. This insurance coverage is available only to AADMM members through an exclusive arrangement with Dominion Insurance. Members can learn more by reviewing documents in the Members Only Section of this website.

Each member is listed in the “Find a DMM” section of the AADMM website. Through this listing, potential clients and referral sources can get in contact with you.

The popular Listserv allows members to pose questions or share items of interest as email messages. The Listserv is strictly for member-to-member communications. Since it is unrelated to email generated by the Association, Federal Spam regulations require members to “opt in” to participate in this free benefit of membership. It only takes one quick email to sign up and get connected to a network of fellow DMMs across the country.

Your membership brings you the password to enter this special area of the website where numerous resources are available to help you and information is stored that is for members eyes only. If you misplace the password, an email to  will bring it quickly to your inbox. Resources in the members only section include:

  • The Marketing Tool Box: The Tool Box provides resources for members who wish to publicize their affiliation with the association as part of their personal marketing efforts or when speaking to the media. Within the Tool Box you’ll find a sample press release, key messages, fact sheet, PowerPoint Presentation, and several recorded marketing webinars. Additional marketing materials are also available for purchase.

  • Downloadable AADMM Logo: Your membership in AADMM symbolizes the values of your business and is an essential part of establishing your company brand. The AADMM logo is a sign of the important role you play in the advancement of excellence among daily money managers through adherence to the Code of Ethics and education. Always display the AADMM logo proudly.

  • Useful Website Links: In our list of useful related organizations and services, each is briefly described and we provide a link to their website.  You’ll find these resources range from health and disability related organizations to government services, and more.

  • Sample Forms: AADMM has examples of documents used by other members for you to review as you prepare your own materials.  They are not intended to substitute for legal, accounting, tax or other professional advice and it is imperative that each member obtain advice from professionals in his/her own state. These samples simply provide a starting point for your own decision making.

Attend the AADMM Annual Conference and Webinars for less

Only members receive a discount rate for conference and webinar registration fees.

AADMM’s online bookstore offers numerous publications available for purchase at a discounted rate to members. Order forms and information about each resource are found on the online Bookstore.

The Account is AADMM’s quarterly member newsletter that contains information about the organization, news on upcoming educational and networking events, articles on marketing, important industry news and tips for helping you grow as a DMM. The newsletter is delivered by email only to members in the AADMM database.

Your time is at a premium, so we summarize useful articles from a variety of sources and where possible provide a link to the entire piece. Use this quick way to stay abreast of issues, trends and business news.


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