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AADMM member professionals serve a wide variety of clients and provide an extensive range of services and many volunteer their services through the types of programs identified in this section. AADMM recognizes that there are many individuals who have an acute need for daily money management services but do not have the financial resources to acquire them. As a service to the community and to those non-profit organizations who provide pro-bono or reduced fee services to the elderly, disabled and others with limited financial means, we are listing these agencies so that they might be more identifiable and accessible to individuals searching for these types of programs.

AADMM has provided the pertinent contact information and a short summary of the services provided and some basic criteria for receiving services. Most programs serve their local community with variations in eligibility and specific services offered. We encourage individuals seeking free or affordable daily money management services to search in their geographic area to see what is available. You can then contact the specific agency for more detailed information. You will see that most non-profit organizations provide a wide variety of support services in addition to daily money management and bill paying.

View the list of state agencies providing DMM services. 

This list will continue to be updated through our research into organizations and services. If you have additonal information that you would like to share or modify, contact the AADMM Business Office at or call 814-357-9191.



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